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Nimbu, the young Architecture Studio


Title: Canopy for the Public Market in Florianópolis
Type: Design for the ideas competiton sponsored by IAB-SC
Year: 2013
Site: Florianópolis - SC
Team: André Stahnke, Diego Fagundes, Eduardo Souza, Erica Mattos, Felipe Finger, Romullo Baratto and Thiago Brito.



The Public Market is the heart of Florianopolis’ historic downtown. Place for the economic, social and symbolic exchanges. Its central patio acts as a street as well as a plaza, continuing a series of important public spaces. We see a contemporary intervention as a possible starting point of a project that extrapolates the boundaries of the patio itself. The canopy is an intervention - it is public art - an urban platform that suggests a future possibility of occupying the immediate surroundings.


Material and immaterial memory; rigid exterior form versus organic interiors; light and shades, rhythm and movement; materialization of the solid volume versus dematerialization of the thin blades. By exploring tensions of different dualities, the canopy transforms itself through the movement of the passersby. In a direct dialogue with the heritage, the canopy respects what is preexisting while asserts itself as a spatial intervention.


The proposal for this canopy aims to potentialize the ground-level relations. Far beyond the functional aim of covering, it presents itself as a symbolic intervention that helps to dynamize the central patio and turns possible the existence of multiple places into the old space. Its external geometry defines the passers' paths. However, it creates cross tears when opening in specific points and invites the public to penetrate its interior, reveling the waves of a diluting canopy. The project assumes the role of a catalyst for signification and unexpected qualities in the everyday context.


Nimbu Floor-Plant



Nimbu Section


Nimbu Elevation


Nimbu Isometric view


Nimbus Conceptual Schemes


Nimbu Details


Nimbu close


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