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FPD, Technification Centre

This final project of the University Alfonso X, made by the young architect Felipe Garcia Zubieta is a Technification Centre located in Cercedilla, north of Madrid. 
After an analysis of high performance centers for athletes, this young architect to find specific development activities carried out deficiencies. From there I got the idea of ​​making a project about to solve these shortcomings. The center will Modernization oriented soccer world.

Location and site

The project stems from respect for the environment in which it is located. Located in Cercedilla, this enclave was chosen for the premises to be marked, which among others were a place in a natural environment, who happened to find height to be greater athletic performance and to be a space in which to concentrate, relax and escape from urban life. Since many sports centers concentrations are in urban areas.
The idea for the project came from the Voronoi diagram as a pattern that allows us to regulate this in the face of a subsequent run was needed. 
The project aims to adapt THE ENVIROMENT and LIVING THE FOREST, playing with the existing topography and slopes of the different heights of trees. Depending on different platforms thus is designed at different levels that will emerge and be rooted in the most unpopulated areas or trees of smaller height and relating them in a direct way with the place. It looks like the pattern streamline method chosen to achieve the minimum possible cell and get a more optimal production.
Structure is decided by laminated wood as material for a sustainable future and featuring among others: 
A positive balance of CO2, more ecological and sustainable construction, excellent response fire easily, quickly and with a high degree of prefabrication and excellent static properties and drywall that impacts in lower installation costs.


It is a project that arises from the needs of the athlete and the athlete adapts to the environment in which you are trying to respect it and modify it as little as possible in every way, is why the center makes an analogy to the life of forest, emerging from a series of platforms at various heights supported by pillars that allow forests dynamism plan for the user while maintaining a direct relationship with their environment. 
Finally there is an eco project with nature because of its sustainable building laminated wood as protagonist and the many benefits derived from its implementation, in a world where climate change is being seen very latent should be indispensable.




Perspective 3D 



Additional Info

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