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Passport, a branding design studio

Pearly Queen London by Passport

   Passport is an independent branding and print design studio based in Leeds, UK, informed and influenced by certain destinations and international design culture.

  They enjoy designing thoughtful and effective identities that aim to strike a balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics. They strive to realise projects through carefully crafted and well executed print as a result of constant research and experimentation into unconventional processes and materials.

Pearly Queen London by Passport

Infinity by Passport

Infinity by Passport

B|D Landscape Architects by Passport

B|D Landscape Architects by Passport

B|D Landscape Architects by Passport

Pure Design Consultancy by Passport

Pure Design Consultancy by Passport

Pure Design Consultancy by Passport



Vasava, Experimenting with Design

Adobe Summit 2014 by Vasava Studio 

  The main emotion that drives Vasava is boredom. Boredom with the ordinary. The run of the mill. The “just OK.”  Vasava hate that stuff. They like to run riots with ideas, trample conventions and turn upside down what's already upside down.

  Here’s the evidence. First, their name. Type it into Google and you get the agency first. Then you get an Indian deity, also known as Indra. Vasava liked the name’s sonority – the way you can’t quite write it backwards. Some even claim that Vasava are the deities of design – but the agency is far too modest to comment.

Raw Juice - Just Blaze by Vasava Studio 

  In 1997 there were just two of them: Bruno and his dad Toni. When Enric joined a few years later, he became the third member of a dynamic trio. Hence their logo, an inverted triangle with a never-ending Escher quality: an impossible logo for a trio who thrive on the unreasonable.

  Vasava was part of a new wave of independent studios that popped up during the 1990s. They still feel squeaky new, even though they’ve grown in size and experience. In fact Vasava has become a kind of school: the Hogwarts of communications wizardry. Its “alumni” populate other well-known studios, always with a nod of thanks to the mother agency.

  Today, 17 people work at Vasava, and everything is done in-house. They don’t outsource. From design to illustration to video to animation, it’s all home made. And if they don’t know how to do something, they’ll teach themselves. One of Vasava’s unwritten rules is “learn like kids.” They love exploring. They love to get messy. You’ll often find them covered in ink, paint and glue.

  Their commercial success is largely due to this need to experiment, at work and at home. Their personal design and art projects have been shown in books and exhibitions around the world. They’ve spoken at events in Los Angeles and Stockholm, Beijing and Buenos Aires, and just about everywhere in between.

 Their approach has earned them the loyalty and respect of clients such as Nike, Hennessy, Adobe,etc.  They design not only for big companies, but for the sake of art and for family and friends.  But above all, they design because they can’t stop. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. For Vasava, every project is important, and every process is a playground. Any other approach would simply be too…well, boring.

Hecho por mí by Vasava Studio 

Nike Airmax Collection by Vasava Studio 

Nike Superbowl by Vasava Studio 

Bloomberg Business Weekby Vasava Studio

Playing Arts by Vasava Studio




Creative Manipulation by Anil Saxena

Painting the Road by Anil Saxena

  Anil Saxena started out doing conventional darkroom photo composition and retouching before moving these skills over to creator and then photoshop. Having moved to Mumbai to work as an illustrator he became interested in retouching as a way to utilize his eye for creating striking imagery. Drawing from his technical background in graphic design, CGI and his trained creative eye, Anil enjoys developing stunning imagery. He believes color grading is paramount. For him real work begins, when the rest of the people might think that the image is just perfect! In his own words:

If the image is a success but my work goes unnoticed, I'm doing my job well."

Mona Lisa by Anil Saxena

Tree Lift by Anil Saxena

Woman Sleeping by Anil Saxena

Giraffe by Anil Saxena



Incredible Digital Art by Sasha Vinogradova

Laptop by Sasha Vinogradova

  Sasha Vinogradova is originally a russian artist and graphic designer, currently working in entertainment industry in LA (key visuals for movies and series). She is open to new interesting commercial and noncommercial projects.


Gorodets and Khokhloma by Sasha Vinogradova

Styles of russian folk painting

  This project is a fusion of Russian and Mexican artwork through ornately designed Día de los Muertos-themed skulls.  Sasha did this to show how broad and different Russian folk art could be in terms of influence and composition, as well as how it could work with different styles. Here are Gorodets, Gzhel, North-Dvina, Zhostovo, Mezen and Khokhloma styles.  


Zhostovo and Gzhel by Sasha Vinogradova


Mezen and North-Dvina by Sasha Vinogradova

Gorodets and Khokhloma by Sasha Vinogradova

Sasha Vinogradova  

Dragon by Sasha Vinogradova 

Wolf by Sasha Vinogradova 

Mushrooms by Sasha Vinogradova

Sasha Vinogradova 



South and Island Studio

Hoop by South and Island

  South and Island is a multidisciplinary studio, based in Madrid, with extensive experience in design, film and digital experiences.  Their main goal is to build great stories, working hard on every project, always taking care of the details and striving for excellence as an outcome. 

American Typewriter by South and Island

Arsys Cloud by South and Island

Burger Time! by South and Island

Chess by South and Island

Compass by South and Island

Gold by South and Island

Larios 12 by South and Island

Maxpaine by South and Island

Smile Sanitas by South and Island

Summer Mood by South and Island



Mixing Reality and Dreams

Forever Amy by Sergio del Toro

  Sergio del Toro is an illustrator and graphic designer. From Gran Canaria where he began his academic training in order to later move to Madrid where he studied the Advanced Studies in Graphic Design at the School of Art Número Diez.

  Curious and a dreamer, creates an imaginary planet to give life to their characters and designs, mixing reality and illusion trying to capture the essence of the reflected, where sometimes not everything is expressed in words.

  Vector illustration, traditional techniques and sometimes mixing both are the characteristics of his work which are constantly evolving.

Whale by Sergio del Toro

The White Rabbit by Sergio del Toro

The Rain by Sergio del Toro

One Cell Over the Clouds by Sergio del Toro

Lighthouse by Sergio del Toro

It was 6 O'clock and you still talked to me by Sergio del Toro

 Heartbreak Recipesby Sergio del Toro

It's time to change by Sergio del Toro

Autumn Illustration by Sergio del Toro

Maleficent by Sergio del Toro



Shrenik, an Independent Artist

Type Posters by Shrenik

  Shrenik Ganatra is a self-taught artist based in Mumbai, India. He loves art and believes that it has the potential to change the world by changing the way people think and interpreting their surroundings. He likes to spend his leisure time creating art, listening to music and playing the guitar. He thinks that dreams are possible if people have the courage to pursue them no matter what. He wishes to live and maintain his practice in New York City someday. 


 Type Posters by Shrenik


  "Type Posters" is a set of eight experimental, minimalist typographic posters, focusing on the idea of simplicity in design. Each poster consists of contrasting shades of black and white, single typeface and basic geometric elements. With the help of different attributes of a font, such as its size and tracking, he mentions some of his favourite quotes. 

  There is a widely accepted belief that as we grow, we tend to lose our childlike qualities such as imagination, curiosity, fearlessness, innocence and creativity. However, this is not true because in reality, they are not at all lost. They just get suppressed beneath the layer of seriousness resulting from the roles and responsibilities of an adult life and one can unveil these qualities by letting themselves go and live the moment. Through HUES, what they want to express is that when you supplement the seriousness of the adult life with these childlike qualities, you get an interesting perspective on life which can help achieve extraordinary results.


HUES by Shrenik Ganatra and Emilie Rol



Often Minimal by Jana Styblova

Jana Styblova

  Jana Styblova is an Art Director and Visual Designer residing in New York City. During the day, she pushes pixels and leads designers to create products and marketing campaigns that are beautiful, useful, and above all, meaningful. Most recently her spare time has been filled with reading and researching anything pertaining to creativity and innovation, the co-evolution of human and technology, and futurism.

  Often Minimal ( is a daily meditative practice that focuses on the rudimentary building blocks of visual aesthetics. Jana approaches each illustration with a clear mind and the intent to return back to some of the basic forms of design: color, shape, space, balance and scale. Acting as a creative cleanse, these illustrations keep her practice of design minimal and focused, while jump starting the creative process.

Jana Styblova


Ana Caro Villa, a promising designer

Santa Fe by Ana Caro Villa

Ana Caro is a graphic designer currently working and living en Hermosillo, Mexico.  She likes making things that have a nostalgic quality and designing about the things that she's surrounded by.  Sometimes she likes to think that: is like music and I get to play with color, patterns and textures to create rhythm and volume in a canvas. I try to collaborate as much as I can, I like mixing things and styles. 


H-Sticker by Ana Caro Villa

H-Sticker is a design she made for her current job in Hello Black.  Hello Black is a design studio in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Life by Ana Caro Villa

S by Ana Caro Villa

Glyph Postcard by Ana Caro Villa


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