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Vasava, Experimenting with Design

Adobe Summit 2014 by Vasava Studio 

  The main emotion that drives Vasava is boredom. Boredom with the ordinary. The run of the mill. The “just OK.”  Vasava hate that stuff. They like to run riots with ideas, trample conventions and turn upside down what's already upside down.

  Here’s the evidence. First, their name. Type it into Google and you get the agency first. Then you get an Indian deity, also known as Indra. Vasava liked the name’s sonority – the way you can’t quite write it backwards. Some even claim that Vasava are the deities of design – but the agency is far too modest to comment.

Raw Juice - Just Blaze by Vasava Studio 

  In 1997 there were just two of them: Bruno and his dad Toni. When Enric joined a few years later, he became the third member of a dynamic trio. Hence their logo, an inverted triangle with a never-ending Escher quality: an impossible logo for a trio who thrive on the unreasonable.

  Vasava was part of a new wave of independent studios that popped up during the 1990s. They still feel squeaky new, even though they’ve grown in size and experience. In fact Vasava has become a kind of school: the Hogwarts of communications wizardry. Its “alumni” populate other well-known studios, always with a nod of thanks to the mother agency.

  Today, 17 people work at Vasava, and everything is done in-house. They don’t outsource. From design to illustration to video to animation, it’s all home made. And if they don’t know how to do something, they’ll teach themselves. One of Vasava’s unwritten rules is “learn like kids.” They love exploring. They love to get messy. You’ll often find them covered in ink, paint and glue.

  Their commercial success is largely due to this need to experiment, at work and at home. Their personal design and art projects have been shown in books and exhibitions around the world. They’ve spoken at events in Los Angeles and Stockholm, Beijing and Buenos Aires, and just about everywhere in between.

 Their approach has earned them the loyalty and respect of clients such as Nike, Hennessy, Adobe,etc.  They design not only for big companies, but for the sake of art and for family and friends.  But above all, they design because they can’t stop. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. For Vasava, every project is important, and every process is a playground. Any other approach would simply be too…well, boring.

Hecho por mí by Vasava Studio 

Nike Airmax Collection by Vasava Studio 

Nike Superbowl by Vasava Studio 

Bloomberg Business Weekby Vasava Studio

Playing Arts by Vasava Studio




Nanisk a Mixed Media Artist

  Nanisk is a columbian visual artist based in the U.S. who is 23 years old.  Her work is a combination of sequences of real and imaginary images - of the world within and outside herself.  Her process is simple: to get lost in patterns. 

  Nanisk likes to depict the female figure, memories, and enjoys working with organic materials, such as coffee, pressed flowers, and clay. She is loyal to all mediums in art, whether it is sculpture, photography, digital art, or drawing. She often finds herself using all, and as you may notice, most of her pieces are mixed media or collage for this reason.

  The following images are from her work-in-process series: Phantasmagoria and Eden. Phantasmagoria is a mythology of female expressions (4 images). Eden is a narrative of ironical woe based on the theme of futile love (3 images).


Mixing Reality and Dreams

Forever Amy by Sergio del Toro

  Sergio del Toro is an illustrator and graphic designer. From Gran Canaria where he began his academic training in order to later move to Madrid where he studied the Advanced Studies in Graphic Design at the School of Art Número Diez.

  Curious and a dreamer, creates an imaginary planet to give life to their characters and designs, mixing reality and illusion trying to capture the essence of the reflected, where sometimes not everything is expressed in words.

  Vector illustration, traditional techniques and sometimes mixing both are the characteristics of his work which are constantly evolving.

Whale by Sergio del Toro

The White Rabbit by Sergio del Toro

The Rain by Sergio del Toro

One Cell Over the Clouds by Sergio del Toro

Lighthouse by Sergio del Toro

It was 6 O'clock and you still talked to me by Sergio del Toro

 Heartbreak Recipesby Sergio del Toro

It's time to change by Sergio del Toro

Autumn Illustration by Sergio del Toro

Maleficent by Sergio del Toro



Lucas González, Modifying Designs

CAWA by Lucas González

  CAWA is a water jar conceived under a new perspective. It’s an object that answers two simple questions. Why do we serve as we serve? Why are pitchers the way they are?  Traditionally pitchers were made to transport water up and down, and this defined the shape they had. Nowadays, pitchers have their own place in homes, and this may change things.

  Since the function of the pitcher is no longer to transport, a revision of the object is perfectly possible. Taking the concept of gesture as the leitmotif of Lucas' project he developed a pitcher in which pouring water is reduced to a simple movement of the arm, making the act of serving more gentle and effortless for everyone. Since the way we use it has changed, so will its shape. This enabled Lucas to do a new aesthetic approach to the object.
  The result is a very simple but functional object that provides the user a new experience when serving water.

CAWA by Lucas González

  Here we have some other car sketches made by Lucas González

Sketch 01 by Lucas González

DMC 21 by Lucas González

Sketch 02 by Lucas González

Sketch 03 by Lucas González


The Graphic Designer, Jabier Martinez

Jabier Martinez

Jabier Martinez is a young graphic designer who lives in Madrid, where he studied design at the School of Art, also specializing in art direction. Between his patterns are general graphic design, branding, illustration, photography, typography, logos, corporate image .... 
Jabier currently working as Freelance having done projects for companies such as phone company,  40 principales radio, the Xunta of Galicia as well as local businesses. 
Their projects are characterized by its composition and its graphical color, creating an attractive image can catch the attention of the most demanding audience.







Jabier Martinez


The young designer of the important brands

Mateusz Sypien is a young creative and designer who has studied in Bradford University; he now lives in London. He has worked for important brands such as Adidas, Advanced Photoshop, Air Jordan, Audi, Axe, Bacardi, Baileys, Barnados, BBC, British Gas, Cartoon Network, ....

Mateusz Sypien_Team Prosto X Digimental


Mateusz Sypien_Death in motion. Goverdose v2.0

Mateusz Sypien_Kill the Noise


Nike shirt Design


Start Wars Tribute


Capture the flag, Urban Flavours



Verena Michelitsch, Illustration-Branding

Verena Michelitsch

Verena Michelitsch an Austrian graphic designer and illustrator, living and working in NYC. After being an Art Director and founding member of En Garde, a design studio based in Graz, Austria, she moved to NYC to work for Sagmeister & Walsh, Pentagram Design and currently RoAndCo. She loves to work on branding, illustration and art direction projects.



Fashion Design


Bussines Card


Interior Design



The Amazing Digital designer, Elias Klingén.

Failure by design

The name of this amazing designer is Elias Klingén, he is only 23 old and he lives in Sweden. He´s currently working as a designer at Rebels studios, a creative agency owned by Steve Angello. He is doing some freelancing on the side. 

Clients He has worked with: Urban Beauty United, Steve Angello, Size, Kanon vodka, Live nation, Modernista förlag, Aspen badrum, Advanced photoshop, Svenska, filminstitutet, Skogstad, PFAFF, Photographer Rune Bendiksen, NY reklambyrå, Lights & motion, Smålands musik & teater.





LIGHTS & MOTION Concept & cover art


BENVER Cd cover





Incredible works of young illustrator


María Emege

She is an illustrator, designer and concept artist born in Madrid, graduated with honors in Fine Arts at the Complutense University. 
Among other jobs, she worked as designer in Vilnius and Unusual Gaumina-Wonder-Madrid, as comic book artist for, and lately as concept artist for Young Justice Legacy-Warner/DC. Nowadays she works as a freelance illustrator. 
She tries to use Both digital and traditional style, With watercolors, ink and Photoshop. 
She is very curious, open minded, She love to meet people and to travel. Also She is addicted to comics, art, videogames, cinema, fashion, good music ... you know, she can not stop discovering stuff and living intensely.

María Emege

María Emege

María Emege

María Emege

María Emege



Komm Collective, a Nordic Design Studio

Komm Collective

Komm is an international collective by Katerina Kachavina (Russia), Sofia Apunnikova (Estonia) and Sandra Kossorotova (Estonia). Three women who are expanding standard possibilities of graphic design and merging Russian and Estonian cultures.  This group was founded in 2012 and is based in Taiga space in St. Petersburg, where the designers take part in forming cultural status of the working environment.  Komm works on a range of disciplines including art direction, design and illustrations. 

Komm Collective

Komm Collective

Komm Collective

Komm Collective

Komm Collective

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