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Mixing Reality and Dreams

Forever Amy by Sergio del Toro

  Sergio del Toro is an illustrator and graphic designer. From Gran Canaria where he began his academic training in order to later move to Madrid where he studied the Advanced Studies in Graphic Design at the School of Art Número Diez.

  Curious and a dreamer, creates an imaginary planet to give life to their characters and designs, mixing reality and illusion trying to capture the essence of the reflected, where sometimes not everything is expressed in words.

  Vector illustration, traditional techniques and sometimes mixing both are the characteristics of his work which are constantly evolving.

Whale by Sergio del Toro

The White Rabbit by Sergio del Toro

The Rain by Sergio del Toro

One Cell Over the Clouds by Sergio del Toro

Lighthouse by Sergio del Toro

It was 6 O'clock and you still talked to me by Sergio del Toro

 Heartbreak Recipesby Sergio del Toro

It's time to change by Sergio del Toro

Autumn Illustration by Sergio del Toro

Maleficent by Sergio del Toro



A New Insulin Delivery Device



  Krystalin is a futuristic insulin delivery concept. The concept is one of the 10 winners for ignite diabetes challenge sponsored by SANOFI. Their challenge was to design a concept for the next generation disposable delivery device for insulin. The design was concentrated in identifying what are the major problems a diabetic patient faces in the current insulin dispensing device. Fear of needle, difficulty in self-administration, tracking of dosage and difficulty in operating are few of the problems they have identified. The latest tech was also identified and envisioned along.
  Krystalin uses an array of crystal insulin which are grown into micro needles of size 450-550 microns over thin films. These non-invasive insulin patches (size 1cm x 1cm, equivalent to 10 units of insulin) are pain free and comparable to the mosquitoes needle sizes and can be used by both type1 and type2 diabetes. Once this patch is applied on to the skin, the crystal shaped insulin crystal gets dissolved and immediate effect occurs to the patient at subcutaneous level. The patch after being dissolved, the needles become blunt and can be disposed as it is no longer a bio waste.
  The case in which these patches are packed can measure the Diabetes glucose level non-invasively. This is done with the help of short range spectroscopy of glucose molecules present in the blood. This is useful in suggesting the patient about the dosage to be taken. 
  The device is robust and is easy to carry and has storage unit which is helpful when on travel. E-ink based display is used to add reminders and display glucose levels. It is an accessory more than a medical device. Kystalin is a concept which helps all ages, kids and old aged to operate it easily with no fear and pain. 


Team members:
Arjun Raj Kumar S, Sushant Rajendra Darake and Tawfik Manham are doing their Post-Graduation in product design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.


Arjun Raj Kumar S, Sushant Rajendra Darake and Tawfik Manham



Lucas González, Modifying Designs

CAWA by Lucas González

  CAWA is a water jar conceived under a new perspective. It’s an object that answers two simple questions. Why do we serve as we serve? Why are pitchers the way they are?  Traditionally pitchers were made to transport water up and down, and this defined the shape they had. Nowadays, pitchers have their own place in homes, and this may change things.

  Since the function of the pitcher is no longer to transport, a revision of the object is perfectly possible. Taking the concept of gesture as the leitmotif of Lucas' project he developed a pitcher in which pouring water is reduced to a simple movement of the arm, making the act of serving more gentle and effortless for everyone. Since the way we use it has changed, so will its shape. This enabled Lucas to do a new aesthetic approach to the object.
  The result is a very simple but functional object that provides the user a new experience when serving water.

CAWA by Lucas González

  Here we have some other car sketches made by Lucas González

Sketch 01 by Lucas González

DMC 21 by Lucas González

Sketch 02 by Lucas González

Sketch 03 by Lucas González


Shrenik, an Independent Artist

Type Posters by Shrenik

  Shrenik Ganatra is a self-taught artist based in Mumbai, India. He loves art and believes that it has the potential to change the world by changing the way people think and interpreting their surroundings. He likes to spend his leisure time creating art, listening to music and playing the guitar. He thinks that dreams are possible if people have the courage to pursue them no matter what. He wishes to live and maintain his practice in New York City someday. 


 Type Posters by Shrenik


  "Type Posters" is a set of eight experimental, minimalist typographic posters, focusing on the idea of simplicity in design. Each poster consists of contrasting shades of black and white, single typeface and basic geometric elements. With the help of different attributes of a font, such as its size and tracking, he mentions some of his favourite quotes. 

  There is a widely accepted belief that as we grow, we tend to lose our childlike qualities such as imagination, curiosity, fearlessness, innocence and creativity. However, this is not true because in reality, they are not at all lost. They just get suppressed beneath the layer of seriousness resulting from the roles and responsibilities of an adult life and one can unveil these qualities by letting themselves go and live the moment. Through HUES, what they want to express is that when you supplement the seriousness of the adult life with these childlike qualities, you get an interesting perspective on life which can help achieve extraordinary results.


HUES by Shrenik Ganatra and Emilie Rol



Often Minimal by Jana Styblova

Jana Styblova

  Jana Styblova is an Art Director and Visual Designer residing in New York City. During the day, she pushes pixels and leads designers to create products and marketing campaigns that are beautiful, useful, and above all, meaningful. Most recently her spare time has been filled with reading and researching anything pertaining to creativity and innovation, the co-evolution of human and technology, and futurism.

  Often Minimal ( is a daily meditative practice that focuses on the rudimentary building blocks of visual aesthetics. Jana approaches each illustration with a clear mind and the intent to return back to some of the basic forms of design: color, shape, space, balance and scale. Acting as a creative cleanse, these illustrations keep her practice of design minimal and focused, while jump starting the creative process.

Jana Styblova


Creative Designs by Quentin Leroy


Flexible Helmet by Quentin Leroy

  Quentin Leroy is a 21 year old french design student studying his 3rd year at DSK ISD in India.  Quentin tells us "For me design is a passion and a way to improve people's lives.  I'm currently looking for a new work experience through a 6 months internship in industrial design."

Flexible Helmet by Quentin Leroy

  The Flexible Helmet is a fabric hat combined with protection pad.  Compact and easy to carry, it's also adaptable to different head sizes. 

Portable Speaker by Quentin Leroy

  This Portable Speaker is composed of a steel base, a rubber ring and a strap.  You can connect several speakers together to have more sound power. 

Toothbrush Toy by Quentin Leroy


  Like a toy, the toothbrush is a little man with 2 arms that allow to put it on a glass or on the ground.  The relief of the face cleans the tongue.  When the bristles are worn, the little man hair's become tousled.  The kid just has to change the head by the one he loves. 

Green Light by Quentin Leroy

  The Green Light is a light that forms part of the pot where you can put the plant of your choice to get different light effects.  For the interior version, the light helps the plant to grow. 



Beatriz Cons, a Meeting Spot

Final Project Degree by Beatriz Cons

Final Project Degree by Beatriz Cons
"A Meeting Point for Design Professionals" 

  They suggested to project a meeting point for multiple design professionals, an idea that was very attractive, once finishing the studies, in order to continue having places with adequate means to develop projects, perform and conduct workshops, conferences, meeting work points between designers, access current information, etc.

  What a better opportunity to discuss the relevance of the most beautiful profession in the world, with other designers? Would you use it?
  The proposed space to carry out the project, is found in the Centralof  Design of the Matadero Cultural Complex in Madrid: Space belonging to " di_mad ", Madrid Designers Association . It is currently treated with a project to a minimum (reinforces the structure, exposing the damaged materials, trying to keep these elements from an earlier era). This is an area of raw materials, entirely industrial.

Final Project Degree by Beatriz Cons


  Homogenize the place softening the aggressive textures that the original space has, to route out the needs of the project: considering that the space should be soft, subtle and quiet, since the design requires a visual break, a homogeneous space, which "won't overwhelm ".

  The project gives a special treatment to the facade in order to enhance the limited natural light in the space. The only element of separation, is projected as a translucent material: Assuming a visual barrier but not for the light, however, suggesting the activity of the designer who plays in it.

Final Project Degree by Beatriz Cons



Smart Shower by Sanro Design



Smart Shower by Sanro Design

This design is by Marco Antonio Esquiró San Román, he is 23 years old. He consider yourself creative, responsible, hardworking, polite and poise; during your short life experience, he was been able to help and work with a good companys.


Shower Description


Shower Color Uses







Smart Shower by Sanro Design



The Amazing Digital designer, Elias Klingén.

Failure by design

The name of this amazing designer is Elias Klingén, he is only 23 old and he lives in Sweden. He´s currently working as a designer at Rebels studios, a creative agency owned by Steve Angello. He is doing some freelancing on the side. 

Clients He has worked with: Urban Beauty United, Steve Angello, Size, Kanon vodka, Live nation, Modernista förlag, Aspen badrum, Advanced photoshop, Svenska, filminstitutet, Skogstad, PFAFF, Photographer Rune Bendiksen, NY reklambyrå, Lights & motion, Smålands musik & teater.





LIGHTS & MOTION Concept & cover art


BENVER Cd cover





"Naranjo—Etxeberria" young Design studio

Naranjo—Etxeberria is a Madrid based independent design studio formed by Miguel Naranjo & Diego Etxeberria.


Vincent Moon de Gira

The french film director Vincent Moon came on tour to Madrid and Barcelona to present his short films Les Petit Planètes.

For making this poster we collected all the places Vincent had travelled to film Les Petit Planètes and mark them in a map. So it had created a virtual line between all the points simulating musical waves. 


Vicent Moon de Gira


Cookbook Magazine 01—Ricardo Cavolo, Cookbook is a new “slow cooked” well designed magazine created by Miguel Naranjo where an artist chooses, in each issue, the content of the sections (books, movies, music, clothes, influential people or places) or the typafece used, ingredients that help to define his work. The protagonist of the first number is the illustrator Ricardo Cavolo.

Bronze in the category of editorial design in the Laus Award 2013.




Cook book Magazine


Loreak MendianPictures of Jorge Malcorra´s visual artist  work for Loreak Mendian shops. 



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