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The young creative Belen Moreno


Belén Moreno is a young Spanish artist born in 1987, currently residing in Sevilla, I carry out her studies in illustration and fine arts at the University of Granada. 
In her works unconscious introspection and seize it. Lacking grid planning, emotions, experiences and the need to extrapolate ideas or concepts made ​​pooling, become the protagonists of the piece. 
The work and discourse are constantly changing, constantly developing, at the mercy of the visual and sensory perception itself. Requires an understanding not only an accompaniment and peace. Pretending to contact those who observe it, discarding the audience watching without more, staying in the superficial technique. 
Without seeking to persuade or educate the viewer in any way, intend that emerges is rather share or infuse reflection, with own personal character. The person facing the work will not know where or what to see, what we put in front of something unknown, but nevertheless would refer to something familiar. We all share an imaginary, to which we attach different meanings in our unconscious. The symbols are universal but can be considered completely free of interpretation, since depending on who you see its meaning changes, your experience changes, the reading changes. 
La Gioconda


Twin Peaks


El Regreso





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