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Mixing Reality and Dreams

Forever Amy by Sergio del Toro

  Sergio del Toro is an illustrator and graphic designer. From Gran Canaria where he began his academic training in order to later move to Madrid where he studied the Advanced Studies in Graphic Design at the School of Art Número Diez.

  Curious and a dreamer, creates an imaginary planet to give life to their characters and designs, mixing reality and illusion trying to capture the essence of the reflected, where sometimes not everything is expressed in words.

  Vector illustration, traditional techniques and sometimes mixing both are the characteristics of his work which are constantly evolving.

Whale by Sergio del Toro

The White Rabbit by Sergio del Toro

The Rain by Sergio del Toro

One Cell Over the Clouds by Sergio del Toro

Lighthouse by Sergio del Toro

It was 6 O'clock and you still talked to me by Sergio del Toro

 Heartbreak Recipesby Sergio del Toro

It's time to change by Sergio del Toro

Autumn Illustration by Sergio del Toro

Maleficent by Sergio del Toro


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