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Megalith Table by Duffy London

Megalith Table by Duffy London

    Christopher Duffy was born in east London, and founded his studio there in 2002, after studying Product Design at University of Brighton. He now heads up a design company that has furnished thousands of everyday homes - as well as Google, Media studios and Royal Palaces - with imaginative furniture that has whimsy as its hallmark, and quality and craftsmanship as its foundation.

  His acclaimed designs have included the UP table (2010), the Shadow Chair (2008) and the Glo Canvas (2002) - instantly recognisable pieces that have become icons of fantastical modern design. All are hand-made in the UK, and while each piece looks as if it's held together by magic, a lot of quiet engineering and meticulous construction underpins the wizardry. Duffy lives by the Thames, and dreams up his ideas in a flat just about big enough for one of his smallest designs.

  Duffy London's designs are ideas-based, combining art and function and playing with the concepts of gravity, geometry and illusion. The innovative and quirky designs spring from the mind of Chris, however, he also draws on his talented designers and manufacturers to turn these concepts into quality products.

  Boasting strong eco-credentials, everything is handmade to order by skilled craftspeople in the UK, using sustainable wood and other eco-friendly materials and mediums. Duffy London is used to being in the spotlight of the press, having appeared in top interior design magazines, and you may have even seen his Glo-Canvases featured in the backdrop of several TV programmes.

Megalith Table by Duffy London

  This monolithic design takes its inspiration from The Sentinel, a book by Arthur C. Clarke that went on to be made into the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick.  A glass table top seems to balance miraculously on top of toppling monoliths, which appear to be frozen in a permanent state of impending collapse. This mind-boggling creation appears to the naked eye to be an impossible feat, but in reality it has its foundations in real physics.

Megalith Table by Duffy London


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